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Does testerone make you stronger

Testosterone is produced by the male testes as well as the female ovaries. It has been long debated weather or not testosterone actually makes you feel stronger or gives a person a boost of energy.

After much debate as well as testing, we now know that testosterone can cause a person to become restless, aggressive and boost their energy levels. However, in most cases a person would have to exceed recommended dosages of testosterone in order to achieve these effects.

Testosterone has been abused for many years and is still abused today. Weight lifters and body builders discovered long ago that testosterone use can be beneficial in many ways. Testosterone in high doses can supply the body with more strength than usual. In addition, it is beneficial to body builders because it helps build muscle more quickly. However, testosterone when used as an enhancer can prove to be very dangerous.

Testosterone has been used by physicians to treat males with low or diminished testosterone levels. Diminished testosterone levels in the male can produce tiredness, loss of interest in sex and other undesirable effects. Therefore, testosterone has a medical benefit over a period of time. However, testosterone must be administered by an experienced physician qualified to treat such conditions.


Treating a Medical Condition vs Misuse of Testosterone


When testosterone is used to treat a medical condition, it is normally administered in moderate doses over a prolonged period of time. If a patient has any undesirable effects from testosterone treatment the physician should discontinue treatment or reduce and adjust dosages.

When testosterone is overused or used for the wrong reasons the effects can be life threatening. Body builders are prone to abusing testosterone. Testosterone in high doses over a prolonged period can have physical effects on the body. Aside from the obvious effects, testosterone can cause sugar levels to rise and it can effect circulation within the body.

Testosterone in high doses can cause symptoms of diabetes and it can increase chances of developing blood clots. In addition, testosterone can negatively effect the heart making the person more prone to heart attack as well as stroke.


Final thoughts concerning Testosterone


In conclusion, testosterone has a valuable medical use. However, when abused testosterone can increase energy levels, cause aggressive behavior, elevate blood pressure and can have other devastating effects on the body.

Testosterone supplements are sold in health food establishments. A supplement is not the same thing as regular testosterone. Weather or not testosterone supplements have any value at all will probably always be debated.

Testosterone can make you feel stronger however it is basically producing the feeling of increased strength artificially. After a period of time the person will have to increase the dose to receive the same desired effect. When you begin increasing dosages of any drug or steroid it can become a dangerous situation. It is best not to take testosterone unless you are under the care of a competent physician.